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To Overcome Psychosis

Early Intervention (EI) is an innovative and successful approach to the treatment of psychotic disorders. EI clinics have existed in Ontario for over ten years and are cropping up in communities across Canada. More and more, young people who have experienced a psychotic break and their families are able to access best-practice care for a first episode of psychosis in their communities. Further, young people are able to access a unique combination of medical and psychosocial treatment that is founded on a partnership between young people, their families, and clinicians.

Early Intervention treatment approaches in first-episode psychosis have now become the provincial standard in Ontario. Despite the regulation of these important mental health care services, there is still a resounding lack of accessible EI information. This absence of information can be frustrating for people whose have been thrown into turmoil and confusion as a result of a new diagnosis.

The Family Guide to Mental Health Recovery
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Meaningful Lives

This web site was developed by young people living with psychosis and their families as a result of the lack of centralized information. We saw a need for a resource that compiled all of the leading best-practice information in one place. Here you will find the most up-to-date resources and information related to first-episode psychosis. You will also come across personal and intimate stories of those living with psychosis woven throughout the text. In addition, we have made art a prominent feature of this site because art has been an instrumental part of recovery in the lives of so many young people living with this brain disease.

We invite those living with psychosis, their loved ones, and clinicians to browse through this site. It is our hope that there is information here that will help you along your path to knowledge and good health. We also invite anyone else to browse through this site. For those who have no first-hand experience with psychosis, we hope this site will help promote compassion and set straight some of the mythology you may have experienced.

It is our goal that this site becomes an "evolving document" that will change and grow over time, so please visit us frequently for updated stories, art and information. And if you have something to share, let us know.


developed in partnership with The Ontario Working Group on Early Intervention in Psychosis

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